Thailand Ultramarathon 2K16 is a physically demanding mountain ultra, in the beautiful jungles and forest of north west Thailand.

‘What an incredible experience at the Thailand Ultramarathon. What a gnarly 100k course; the heat & humidity melted my face off, 16,000ft of climbing with another 16k of descent left the legs crushed and the technical terrain kept me always present. So many highlights that started with a sunrise with mountain peaks poking out of the inversion layer and capped off with a win and CR to  end this year of racing’  Timothy Olson – Winner of The Beast 2016

If you are a runner or a supporter, you will love this race. It is in the mountains of Mae Hong Son province, very close to the Burmese border. This sparsely populated area is off the tourist track, and the route for the races heads into some very isolated areas.

This is a trail run with a difference; you will pass through several remote hill tribe villages, see awe-inspiring limestone cliffs, and the entrance to a cathedral-like river cave. There are also 700 year old burial mounds right next to the track. It’s in the magnificent rural back country of north west Thailand. The course has been designed to maximise time spent under the jungle canopy, on ancient hill tribe trails, and on disused dirt roads.

This is Thailand’s first mountain ultramarathon, and it’s tough, so be prepared for some big hill climbs and steep descents. There are two distances, 50 or 100km.

The TU50 is ‘The Beauty’ , the TU100 is ‘The Beast’!

The TU50 and TU100 are qualifiers for the UTMB.  In the new points system

  • TU100 = 5 endurance points                               The TU50 and TU100 are qualifying races for UTMB 2017
  • TU50 = 3 endurance points

To complete this race, you will need to be fit, tough, and experienced.

The races will be on 12 November (TU50) and 19 November (TU100). Entries will be limited to

  • 120 runners for the TU50
  •  80 runners for the TU100.

Are you tough enough to do both?

You can enter the TU here.

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