In this region the rainy season officially ends in early November.  That’s great, because it means the rivers are high, the rice fields are emerald green, and the jungle is lush.  For runners and walkers on the TU, the weather is unpredictable.

Days can be hot (up to 30°C) and dry, hot and humid, or hot and wet.  It can still rain very heavily at this time of year.  So, if you are on the high sections of the course (about 1500m above sea level) and it rains, you may feel cold, even during the day.

Nights can get chilly so, especially if you are walking or even running at the high points and it is raining, you will feel cold. So, be prepared for  anything …

Weather conditions prior to and during the race will effect the ground surface. The ground is clay, and mostly hard, but can become very slippy if it is wet. Sections of the course are very steep, so footwear with a good grip is recommended.