TU village fund


All runners are required to raise/donate a minimum of £10 (about 500 baht) to the Village Fund. This will be distributed to communal facilities that will benefit the villages, will be used to help disabled kids in the villages, and will finance the school activity days that we hold with the children and local teachers.

Please make your contribution to the Village Fund using  the PAYPAL link below:

Make a Donation Button


The TU is possible because of the co-operation of many people, including the villagers of Ban Tham, Ban Muang Paem, Ban Eyla and Ban Eko, John and Nang at Cave Lodge, the Wilderness Sanctuaries, the Forestry department,  the Pang Ma Pha District Office and Development department, and the local police and hospital.

The hill tribes co-operate with us all, give permission to take the trail through their villages, and work at check points and as trail safety stewards, so we owe it to them to make a positive contribution to their villages and schools.

When we started to dream about creating a really beautiful, really tough mountain ultra in Asia, we wanted the TU to benefit the local community. So a major aspect of this event is its social care towards the local hill-tribe people who live in the villages  you  run through.


You are also welcome to bring the following items, which we will distribute to local schools: 

  sports equipment – rackets, nets, balls, skipping ropes, hula hoops;

  stationery – pens, pencils, crayons, chalks, notebooks, rulers;

  toys and books for kids at the local medical clinic

  dried or canned food – especially fish 

X   no sweets or sugary drinks.

Please check the TU Village Fund  Facebook page to see what we have done so far